Those turn- of-the-century summer vibes

image by Bart Kools

Meet the swimming team: Jessie (costume handmade by herself, inspired by some gorgeous period photographs) me and Patrick (costumes handmade by me, life guard costume also inspired by a period photograph) Charlotte (costume handmade by herself, gorgeous fabric choice) Maartje (costume also handmade by herself, so cute with the headscarf!) Theresia (costume handmade by me, not historically correct but so so cute) and Desirée (amazing underpinnings costume also handmade by herself)

image by Wendy de Glee

Here you can see the inspiration for the costumes I did: A vintage life guard picture was the inspiration for Patrick’s suit. I used a Folkwear bathing suit pattern and countless of Pinterest pictures for my own costume, and the one Theresia is wearing was sort of inspired by the Sweeney Todd beach scene. I also found these amazing examples of Victorian/Edwardian sports bags, which I tried to reproduce with some leftover fabric.


Dr. Therese Airheart’s Amazing Automaton Show

Dr. Therese Airheart’s Amazing Automaton Show
The year is 1887. After decades of research, bringing run over hedgehogs and marmots back to life, an extensive analysis of the human anatomy through Operation’s ‘Cavity Sam’ and numerous studies with Tesla coils – quite a shocking experience – Dr. Therese Airheart has finally succeeded. She has invented and produced a fully functioning dancing automaton, the Juul Victoria 2.0. Incidentally, the esteemed Dr. has not yet been able to figure out the correct settings for the built-in free will module, so her invention proves to be quite a handful…

High time I updated my portfolio blog with some images of Dr. Therese Airheart’s Amazing Automaton Show, which premiered at Castlefest 2014, and which is a co-production with La Dutchessa. Here, you can see Therese and the automaton in action:

Space Machine Imagery
Space Machine Imagery
Andre Broens ( even made a video of our act!

…and some more lovely photo’s:

Lo Cascio Photography

Peter de Best

Hans Heemskerk
Hans Heemskerk
…and some close ups, check out the details in hair and make-up! My victorian bathingsuit, accessories and make-up were done by me.

Lo Cascio Photography

Peter D-man
with love,