The Ritual – Coalescaremonium 2017

This is not a performance, it is a Ritual.

csm 2017 1

csm 2017 4

csm 2017 8 luc luyten

csm 2017 9 luc luyten

csm 2017 11

csm 2017 12

csm 2017 7

Team: DiscipulusLa DutchessaNocturne RefletSiSen and Telombre

Costume by me, mask by Dana Mikelson Costume Art.

To find out more about Coalescaremonium visit their website and facebookpage, or see some reviews and pictures of the festival here, here, here, here and here.


Dance performance at Coalescaremonium

Past weekend I performed at Coalescaremonium in Brussels, and I wanted to share some images. Costume and choreography by me, all pictures below are by Xavier Marquis @ Peek-A-Boo-Magazine. (I might add some more later!)

coalescaremonium dance 5 coalescaremonium dance 1 coalescaremonium dance 2 coalescaremonium dance 4coalescaremonium dance 7

and also, a great video by Coalescaremonium:

with love,