Knit fast, die warm

Knit Happens…

It’s comeback time, with crazy 3 fashion looks involving knitwear!

I teamed up with Jurgen de Boer for this fashion-like shoot inspired by Westknits, my current knitting design fav. Something very different from my usual ‘fantasy’ looks -take a look at our previous collab here– and a nice challenge!

LogoMakr (1)First off: the Penguono cardigan (handknit after Westknits design)



LogoMakr (2)

Second: the Megalodon shawl (handknit after Marc Smollin design)


LogoMakr (3)


And to top it all off: the Westknits Grizzly Bear prototype sweater



Crazy styling all by me of course, I think the accessories are on point: mini instax, fanny pack, vintage glasses, wild necklaces…

If you also think knitting is awesome, my advice is to check out ravelry for knitting & crochet inspiration, patterns and chatter. Or visit my personal ravelry page for my projects!

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juul victoria


Leipsch Light

This year was my first WGT, and it was a strange one! I was determined to go, even though I was and am very ill. Had a good time, but only a few pictures to share. The first outfit is all by me including hat, the second outfit has a skirt by Skeletons in the Closet and a thrifted jacket. Here we go:

Victorian Outfit at the Victorian Village – Image by Lux Immortalis
13246214_10156874386170150_3165981537749493114_o (1)
Children of Diana at the Victorian Village – image by Michael Waldau
Green outfit at Südfriedhof Leipzig – image by P. van der Ende

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An intense set of pictures by Laura from Laura Sheridan’s Art. Dress belongs to Laura’s prop collection, and the skull necklace was made by Dorian Leamy.

We made the visuals, now you make up the story…

by Laura Sheridan’s Art
by Laura Sheridan’s Art
by Laura Sheridan’s Art
by Laura Sheridan’s Art
by Laura Sheridan’s Art

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Tank you!

What do you get when you combine 6 awesome photographers, 14 selected models and one beautiful location for a Steampunk/Dieselpunk shoot? An epic day with epic pictures, that’s for sure. T(h)ank you, Cpt Constance Bashford, for organising this day!

My outfit was inspired by Tank Girl, with my own steampunk twist to it. Did I mention it was super difficult to model with glasses when you’re not used to it?

Here’s an early selection, I will add more pictures when I receive them.

by Jeroen Zelle / Fotoshoot op locatie
FXP2532_DEF (1)
by Jimmy Purimahuwa/ Marieke van Delft
The Taking of the Enka Fields (9 van 21).jpg
by Ruud de Korte/ Space Machine Imagery
by Marije Dijkema/ byMarije
The Taking of the Enka Fields (17 van 21)
by Ruud de Korte / Space Machine Imagery
by Jimmy Purimahuwa & Marieke van Delft

Oh, before I forget: cap & pants sewn by me, top & jacket store bought, leather harness by the fabulous JacklynHyde and choker by Helter Skelter Metalheads!

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The Bloody Countess

I never do cosplays. And I had two infected eyes. And I had been ill for 2 months, making preparations impossible. But missing the 10th and last Gala Nocturna was not an option, and it was a beautiful party.

My dear friend Fred (Lux Immortalis Photography) took my picture, and I am happy that I can add this look to my portfolio. The kimono turned out really close to the original worn by Gaga in her role as the Countess from AHS, the rest of the styling I had to improvise for health reasons.

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The Wise and the Dreamer

From a very productive shoot with Laura from Laura Sheridan’s Art, a couple of the more toned down portraits: ‘The Wise’ and ‘The Dreamer’.

In the first two pictures I am wearing some pretty jewelry from Godesign Steampunk & Vintage Jewelry. You might recognise the deer from the last three pictures, it is from Ikea!  Dress and harness from Laura’s prop/outfit collection, hair and makeup by me.

Extraordinary Portraits – The Wise
Extraordinary Portraits – The Wise
Extraordinary Portraits – The Dreamer
Extraordinary Portraits – The Dreamer
Extraordinary Portraits – The Dreamer

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