Regency costume adventures

I may not have had the chance to wear these pieces yet, but I would still like to share some working pictures of them. A little regency collection!

I learned a lot from this project: everything apart from the spencer was hand sewn, no machine involved! My stitches have become very neat, I made a lot of bias tape, did a lot of pleating and learned to flat fell seams. I improvised the pattern of the spencer, and used up a lot of stash fabrics. I still might want to make a spencer (or maybe pelisse) by hand, though…

Ghost dress bonus picture:

Patterns used:

Mrs Fitz is my spirit animal

I made a couple of 18th century inspired working class outfits for La Dutchessa and I to wear to Shari van der Waals-Atalla’s Salon de la Societe Raffinee. We were the ribbon girls, weren’t we adorable?

by Lux Immortalis
by Luc de Dooij
by Luc de Dooij
by Luc de Dooij

Bienvenue a la Belle Epoque!

We went a hundred years back in time again for the Belle Epoque style anniversary of the Antwerp Zoo. Costume including accessories and undergarnments were made by me, pictures by various photographers.

Together with Pieter, picture by Zoo Antwerpen
by Luc de Dooij
with Jessie, Merit and the Baroness, picture by Bart Kools
picture by Zoo Antwerp
by Henk van Rijssen

with love,

juul victoria