Burtonesque Gibson Girl

Very pleased with this blousewaist I made! I used Folkwear ‘Gibson Girl Blouse’ pattern for it. The skirt is a recycled piece I made a couple of years ago (Truly Victorian 298) and I made the belt pattern myself. Hat is from the lovely Kat’s Lullaby.

elfia 2017 Arcen-175
image by Bert Jan Schaapherder
image by Marc Chaslin

Those turn- of-the-century summer vibes

image by Bart Kools

Meet the swimming team: Jessie (costume handmade by herself, inspired by some gorgeous period photographs) me and Patrick (costumes handmade by me, life guard costume also inspired by a period photograph) Charlotte (costume handmade by herself, gorgeous fabric choice) Maartje (costume also handmade by herself, so cute with the headscarf!) Theresia (costume handmade by me, not historically correct but so so cute) and Desirée (amazing underpinnings costume also handmade by herself)

image by Wendy de Glee

Here you can see the inspiration for the costumes I did: A vintage life guard picture was the inspiration for Patrick’s suit. I used a Folkwear bathing suit pattern and countless of Pinterest pictures for my own costume, and the one Theresia is wearing was sort of inspired by the Sweeney Todd beach scene. I also found these amazing examples of Victorian/Edwardian sports bags, which I tried to reproduce with some leftover fabric.

Bienvenue a la Belle Epoque!

We went a hundred years back in time again for the Belle Epoque style anniversary of the Antwerp Zoo. Costume including accessories and undergarnments were made by me, pictures by various photographers.

Together with Pieter, picture by Zoo Antwerpen
by Luc de Dooij
with Jessie, Merit and the Baroness, picture by Bart Kools
picture by Zoo Antwerp
by Henk van Rijssen

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juul victoria

La Belle Epoque

Organised by the lovely Viona Art, the Belle Epoque Picknick at the Antwerp Zoo is one of my favourite events. I was part of a group of costumed people that helped transforming the zoo back to the time that it was originally built, the Belle Epoque. This year I made my own costume from head to toe, and I am quite proud of it!


Charger Photography
Charger Photography


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