Charger Photography
Charger Photography

Welcome to my portfolioblog!

I am Juul, a creative enthusiast: I love art, dance, teaching, choreographing, performing, sewing costumes and crafting, music, and much more!

On this blog I will place things that, for me, are worth remembering. They may be modelling or dancing pictures, clips of performances I did, footage of costumes I made, dances I choreographed, and probably some more things that I’m forgetting right now. Most of it has been in collaboration with other creatives and artists.  All of that will make this page my ‘Blogfolio’.

If you are looking for a dancer, performer or model, or want to know something about my costumes you can always leave a comment or contact me at my facebookpage.
In any case, please take a look around and enjoy!


Credits: In my header I have used images by Dageraad Fotografie (outfit and makeup by me, headpiece by Maskarada – Masks & More), Josefien Hoekstra – Photography (outfit and makeup by me), Jurgen de Boer (outfit and makeup by me, beetle necklace by Cu Nature), Sheridan’s Art (outfit and makeup by me, headpiece by Hysteria Machine) and Henk Van Rijssen (outfit and makeup by me.)


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