Musical costumes: Princess Fiona

I made three princess Fiona dresses for my sister-in-law and two other members of ‘Theaterkoor Nutsz’. The song is performed by the same character in three different stages of her life, which meant three the same dresses in three different sizes. I based these on a couple of patterns I altered, and worked with a tight budget. I love the outcome!

Some pictures from my sewingroom:

I will soon update with some pictures from the actual performance.

Find out more about Theaterkoor Nutsz on their Facebookpage!



Theatre costumes: Teuntje en de Zeemeermin

WARNING: This is some ooooolllllld stuff!!

One of my first experiences in making costumes for others was when I was asked to help out PIT theatre company with their lastminute costume troubles. With little time and means left (and not a whole lot of experience either) I did the best I could, and we were all happy with the results.

Some progres pictures:


Some pictures of one of the performances:


Dance Costumes: Bellarck

I made these costumes for this year’s production of New Dance Company Eindhoven, called ‘Bellarck’. The piece is very dynamic, filled with contrasts and takes a lot of inspiration from the baroque era: the costumes had to reflect that.

bellarck poeder

Making costumes for dancers is a very specific trade and, as often, I had to be ‘creative in the funds-department’. Also, there were 10 different dancers and a couple of costume changes, which meant quite a lot of pieces. Taking all this in consideration, it was a great opportunity to work with them and a very educational experience!

bellarck poster
PR flyer featuring the choreographers wearing the prototype skirts

Some proces snapshots:

Pictures from the performance (by Bas Haans):

bellarck groene rokken poeder
All of the dancers had a set of green over- and underskirts

bellarck groene rok stoelbellarck groene rokken poeder 2

bellarck rode rok pose
I also made three shorter red skirts

bellarck rode rok pose 2

bellarck gouden band
…and 3 black skirts with a gold waistband

Find out more about New Dance Company Eindhoven on their Facebookpage!

Theatre costumes: De Weermeisjes

Five costumes that I designed and made for children’s theatre company PIT: a King, a Queen, an astronomist lackey and 2 weather girls. Working with PIT is always a grateful job! The piece is called ‘De Weermeisjes’ after the two magical creatures inside the King and Queen’s old weatherhouse. Alledgedly, these girls can do more than just predict the weather…

These were the concept drawings:


Here are some pictures from the performance (these were made by Kees Cligge)

The Queen is sad after the King has disappeared
The lackey turns out to be an astronomer/magician, who might be able to solve the problem
The Queen reading from the big book
Consulting the weathergirls
The King fighting the evil weather girls


And a couple of work-in-progress pictures:


Get to know more about PIT by clicking here!

Burtonesque Gibson Girl

Very pleased with this blousewaist I made! I used Folkwear ‘Gibson Girl Blouse’ pattern for it. The skirt is a recycled piece I made a couple of years ago (Truly Victorian 298) and I made the belt pattern myself. Hat is from the lovely Kat’s Lullaby.

elfia 2017 Arcen-175
image by Bert Jan Schaapherder
image by Marc Chaslin

Those turn- of-the-century summer vibes

image by Bart Kools

Meet the swimming team: Jessie (costume handmade by herself, inspired by some gorgeous period photographs) me and Patrick (costumes handmade by me, life guard costume also inspired by a period photograph) Charlotte (costume handmade by herself, gorgeous fabric choice) Maartje (costume also handmade by herself, so cute with the headscarf!) Theresia (costume handmade by me, not historically correct but so so cute) and Desirée (amazing underpinnings costume also handmade by herself)

image by Wendy de Glee

Here you can see the inspiration for the costumes I did: A vintage life guard picture was the inspiration for Patrick’s suit. I used a Folkwear bathing suit pattern and countless of Pinterest pictures for my own costume, and the one Theresia is wearing was sort of inspired by the Sweeney Todd beach scene. I also found these amazing examples of Victorian/Edwardian sports bags, which I tried to reproduce with some leftover fabric.

Regency costume adventures

I may not have had the chance to wear these pieces yet, but I would still like to share some working pictures of them. A little regency collection!

I learned a lot from this project: everything apart from the spencer was hand sewn, no machine involved! My stitches have become very neat, I made a lot of bias tape, did a lot of pleating and learned to flat fell seams. I improvised the pattern of the spencer, and used up a lot of stash fabrics. I still might want to make a spencer (or maybe pelisse) by hand, though…

Ghost dress bonus picture:

Patterns used: